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An interactive voice response system platform that will help women of childbearing age easily access family planning services by describing to them the benefits and likely costs of the chosen contraceptives; using their preferred language while linking them to the nearest health facility.

Unity and Prosperity Medical Center

An antenatal care service provider that will help expectant mothers living in refugee communities access safe delivery services within their community to solve the problem of long distances to the nearest health facilities through establishment of mobile antenatal clinics


UPMCs social mission is to provide accessible and quality ANC services to expectant mothers within refugee settlements and host community.

Poker Card

A card book that will promote inclusiveness by helping deaf women and youths acquire primary Health care knowledge on HIV/AIDs through graphics, illustrations and images that can be understood by the deaf.


PokerCard is helping deaf persons aged 10 – 35 years who want to seek primary Healthcare knowledge on HIV/AIDS by providing graphic illustrations to enable them interpret HIV/AIDS awareness messages and achieving health inclusiveness.

Platform 503

A music dance and drama group which creates ‘’you-change skits’’ that help young women, adolescent girls and young people affected by conflict in refugee and host communities access user friendly information on the causes, prevention and strategies to end gender based violence through audio/visual context appropriate customer inclusive, educative and entertaining short plays.

Mieringa Girl Care Limited

A 3-In-1 product/service accessible via the Mieringa easy to read materials in form of posters and sign posts(for teens and youth), audio information available through a toll free call platform and SMS services(for the elderly and those with access to phones) that help to reduce cases of unintended and early pregnancies and other SRHR services for young people between 13 to 17 years affected by conflict and those in refugee host communities. Available in Lugbara and English languages

iKitty Life

A service that helps young men and women living in rural and refugee settlements to access affordable family planning services by reducing the distance and associated costs through a last mile distribution network of village health teams.


An e-health platform that empowers clinicians to take care of their patients efficiently by providing them with the right information at the right time, patient safety prompts and resources to improve the quality of health care administered, hence saving lives.


Streamline is an e-health platform that enables clinicians in resource poor settings to deliver health care efficiently by providing key patient safety prompts across the entire patient journey. 


Developers of low cost portable ultrasound devices that are laptop, tablet and mobile phone compatible.


M-SCAN aims at reducing maternal mortality through early detection of complications arising in pregnancy using M-SCAN devices.


Developed by Medsols Uganda Ltd, iDrain is a low-cost chest drainage device primarily designed for use in pleural effusion patients. The device can also be used for other suction procedures.


The vision of Medsols (U) Ltd is innovation for a healthier world. Through research and innovation, we solve emerging and existing healthcare challenges.

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