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An interactive voice response system platform that will help women of childbearing age easily access family planning services by describing to them the benefits and likely costs of the chosen contraceptives; using their preferred language while linking them to the nearest health facility.


An e-health platform that empowers clinicians to take care of their patients efficiently by providing them with the right information at the right time, patient safety prompts and resources to improve the quality of health care administered, hence saving lives.


Streamline is an e-health platform that enables clinicians in resource poor settings to deliver health care efficiently by providing key patient safety prompts across the entire patient journey. 


A mobile app and web-based platform that digitizes data management for health workers that conduct community health camps.


DigiHealth Mobile is a mobile application and web based platform that digitizes the process of data collection for health workers that conduct community health camps. We are addressing the challenge of poor data management among development organisations in health using an improved low-cost set of digital tools focused on improving data collection, analysis and visualization in remote areas in order to drive better decision making.


A mobile app that connects new and expectant mothers to nurses for in home postpartum checkups and support.


Teheca seeks to reduce the high infant and maternal mortality rate among new and expectant mothers through increasing uptake of postnatal among new mothers.

We connect mothers to nurses for personalised in home postnatal checkups and support through availing useful maternal health information, products and services so as to reduce high mortality rates of mothers and newborns in developing countries.


A web and mobile application that enables District Health Officers at the lower administrative levels to see and understand real-time information/data on the stock status of health care commodities and supplies between various health facilities so that they can make accurate and timely decisions on how to redistribute stock, leading to limited or no wastage and stock-outs thus increasing the availability of these commodities and supplies in the healthcare system.

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