Developed by Medsols Uganda Ltd, iDrain is a low-cost chest drainage device primarily designed for use in pleural effusion patients. The device can also be used for other suction procedures.


The vision of Medsols (U) Ltd is innovation for a healthier world. Through research and innovation, we solve emerging and existing healthcare challenges.

EcoSmart Uganda

The EcoSmart pads are innovative products produced by EcoSmart Uganda, a social enterprise that envisions a new era for every African girl and hopes to increase access to affordable menstrual health supplies for every female.


EcoSmart aims at: reducing school absenteeism for girls that miss school during their menstruation, reducing waste generated from disposable sanitary pads by utilizing natural materials and providing employment through local production of the EcoSmart pads. 


A mobile app and web-based platform that digitizes data management for health workers that conduct community health camps.


DigiHealth Mobile is a mobile application and web based platform that digitizes the process of data collection for health workers that conduct community health camps. We are addressing the challenge of poor data management among development organisations in health using an improved low-cost set of digital tools focused on improving data collection, analysis and visualization in remote areas in order to drive better decision making.


A web and mobile application that enables District Health Officers at the lower administrative levels to see and understand real-time information/data on the stock status of health care commodities and supplies between various health facilities so that they can make accurate and timely decisions on how to redistribute stock, leading to limited or no wastage and stock-outs thus increasing the availability of these commodities and supplies in the healthcare system.

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