Mieringa Girl Care Limited

A 3-In-1 product/service accessible via the Mieringa easy to read materials in form of posters and sign posts(for teens and youth), audio information available through a toll free call platform and SMS services(for the elderly and those with access to phones) that help to reduce cases of unintended and early pregnancies and other SRHR services for young people between 13 to 17 years affected by conflict and those in refugee host communities. Available in Lugbara and English languages


An e-health platform that empowers clinicians to take care of their patients efficiently by providing them with the right information at the right time, patient safety prompts and resources to improve the quality of health care administered, hence saving lives.


Streamline is an e-health platform that enables clinicians in resource poor settings to deliver health care efficiently by providing key patient safety prompts across the entire patient journey. 

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