Opportunity Area

How might we improve demand and access to essential maternal health medicines & supplies in Uganda??

The proposed title of your idea

Amachine that figures out your disease using signs and symptoms and gives patient apropriate medicine,

Please describe your idea.

this is a machine placed in every main hospital,that asks patients for there signs and symptoms ,figures out the disease ,and gives medicine

What problem does your idea solve in the market?

the problem of few doctors,and medicine supplied to the exact end user

Briefly explain how you identified the need or opportunity

from personal experience,getting free medication in Uganda is practically impossible,from paying doctors ,and buying medicine,we really would like people to get free or very cheap medication,

Who are the beneficiaries of your solution and how will they benefit?

any person at all levels,this machine shall have an assistant ,to help any illiterate user,to get there medicines,

Why are you convinced your solution will solve the problem?

in uganda there are few doctors,and some are very corrupt this machine can work on 3 patients at a time,

What other initiatives like yours exist out there? How will you differentiate your solution?

UKaid, will find others with time,but would like to work with the Government ,organizations with supply medicines , doctors who can work online,transport agencies,

What have you done up-to date to test your idea with potential users? What learnings do you have to share?

not much coz the projects needs some of money,

How will you financially sustain your business?

our system has the ability to hold 10 adverts per user visit,that means ,if we have 100,000 people using every day we would charge these companies afree of adollar per day,10 adverts means 10 companies and therefore 10dollars perday,(least amount this organization can make )

Please share a link to a 3 minute online video that best describes your idea and team


Please tell us about each founder and their roles on the team. How do you know your founders and how long have you worked together?

OKOT EMMANUEL CEO ,software student at Saipali institute of technology FRANK software student at Saipali institute of technology

Please tell us about other team members that are not cofounders.

LAILA GRANT software student at Saipali institute of technology GALIWANGO FAHAD software student at Saipali institute of technology

Which members of your team will attend the program full-time?


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