Opportunity Area

How might we improve data systems for healthcare delivery?

The proposed title of your idea


Please describe your idea.

Munno is a voice and text based platform that uses artificial intelligence to provide accurate and timely SRH assistance

What problem does your idea solve in the market?

Munno seeks to improve the way we use data in health care planning and mornitoring by leveraging AI to track user behaviour and providing personalized timely SHR assistance. Also with our data analytics we can provide more detailed data that can be used for policy formulation

Briefly explain how you identified the need or opportunity

Munno was born out of the uganda health app challenge that was organised by mariestopes. According to research done by mariestopes, there no data available about consumers that can be accurately used to improve the quality of health care planning and service delivery.

Who are the beneficiaries of your solution and how will they benefit?

Beneficiaries are mainly vunerable groups of people like pregenat mothers and special groups like people living with HIV. These are groups of people who need close monitoring in regards to health care and hence the platform will be able to provide assitance eg remaind them of thier next antenetal visit.

Why are you convinced your solution will solve the problem?

The solution is mainly targeting vulnerable groups like pregenat women, the elderly and special groups like people living with HIV. since the platform is free, these groups of people will be able to get access to timely and accurate information that is relevant to their needs. With our use of AI, Munno understands your individual needs and will provide timely assistance through remainders and more.

What other initiatives like yours exist out there? How will you differentiate your solution?

Asking with out shame is an sms platform that allows people to ask any SRH related question by sending sms. There is also an sms platform used by UNICEF. We believe that since munno uses AI, we can improve these solution by giving faster response time to the sms based solutions. we also utilize the use of voice as a form of interaction with our platform. Also our data analytics algorithms ensure that we can tabulate more accurate statistics compared to the currently existing solutions.

What have you done up-to date to test your idea with potential users? What learnings do you have to share?

We lauched an android app and a messeger bot last year and since then have about 200 downloads. We are working with mariestopes uganda to test our the app with actual users and streamline how we track user behaviour and analytics. So far we have learnt that through the use of voice and AI the platform provides a more cheaper, interactive and more enaging way of collecting SRH data while at the same time helping the user.

How will you financially sustain your business?

The platform will be available for free for the public to use (app and ussd). We intend to charge fees from SRH parterners that wish to run awareness campaigns through the app. Also since we track user behaviour we intend to earn from our data analytics to sustain the project.

Please share a link to a 3 minute online video that best describes your idea and team


Please tell us about each founder and their roles on the team. How do you know your founders and how long have you worked together?

Munno was founded by ivan sempijja and kato drake. Ivan is a final year student of computer science at Ndejje university while Kato is a student of information technology. Ivan is the business development manager and C.EO of munno while Drake is the head of programing and C.T.O at the same. The two also run a software development company (code.ug) and have experience working with start ups. They have helped develop and lauch solutions for startups like getmo (www.bestdrinkapp.com), makanikadotcom (www.makanikadt.com) and bringo (bringo.ug). They also run free web training at hive colab every monday.

Please tell us about other team members that are not cofounders.

Kizito David is a research expert with 2 years experience. David is responsible for strategic parternships and market research. Katende Phillip is a graphics designer and UI/UX consultant. He is an expert in human centered design methodolgy and rapiad prototyping.

Which members of your team will attend the program full-time?

Sempijja Ivan Kato Drake Kizito David Katende Phillip

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