Opportunity Area

How might we improve data systems for healthcare delivery?

The proposed title of your idea


Please describe your idea.

MAMA is designed to deploy mobile friendly technology-based services targeting pregnant mothers and children below 5 years of age.

What problem does your idea solve in the market?

Many Mothers and Children in Uganda face dreadful levels of child and maternal mortality Yet most of these deaths could be avoided. Children and pregnant women die mostly from minor illnesses that could easily be prevented MAMA program will leverage simple mobile technologies as well as community agents to enable remote monitoring of danger signs in pregnant mothers and children below 5 years through the local Doctor/Clinician.This will help to accelerate disease detection, and facilitate early access to basic medical care.

Briefly explain how you identified the need or opportunity

Am a social Entrepreneur with special interest in maternal and child healthcare ,reducing maternal and Child mortality by facilitating access to existing healthcare systems through designs and deploying innovative technology-based services targeting children and their mothers. People resort too little and too late to the Doctor when sick, for cultural, financial and geographical reasons. By addressing the issue from the demand perspective and reconnecting people with healthcare structures will be my joy to see mothers and children live longer and contribute to society positively

Who are the beneficiaries of your solution and how will they benefit?

MAMA was designed to deploy mobile friendly technology-based services targeting pregnant mothers and children below 5 years of age to reduce high rate of maternal and child health especially in rural communities with poor access to health care services

Why are you convinced your solution will solve the problem?

MAMA will track and detect Mother and children at risk through monitoring of simple health data( like weight, height, Blood pressure,gestation age of the pregnancy,Nutrition status etc) to reduce maternal and child mortality. It is our great expectation that it will create a huge incentive for families to seek medical care.

What other initiatives like yours exist out there? How will you differentiate your solution?

MAMA will face competition from; 1.Media fest Uganda 2.Entapps limited 3.Cirronet technologies However,all the above companies non of them deals in healthcare program,therefore,MAMA stands out as the only sole company in Uganda that will provide healthcare services through mobile friendly technologies to Pregnant mothers and children to reduce Martenal and Child health mortality

What have you done up-to date to test your idea with potential users? What learnings do you have to share?

MAMA, is now at the stage of building a web and android version of the program and also mapping out sample health centers that will start as our pilot health facilities and our next stage is to register Mothers and children on the platform and then start following them up with the fore mentioned activities.

How will you financially sustain your business?

1.Partnership with network companies by sharing a commission on calls or messages 2.Donations from like minded companies and well-wishers 3.Sale of equipments that monitor and track health data like Blood pressure machines,weighing scales,thermometers,blood glucose machines and testing kits like pregnancy strips. 4.Advertisements on the company website

Please share a link to a 3 minute online video that best describes your idea and team


Please tell us about each founder and their roles on the team. How do you know your founders and how long have you worked together?

1.Mr.Mukisa.Emmanuel,is the C.E.O, MAMA Healthcare Services and a fifth year medical student with a passion to help communities with poor access to healthcare services. 2.Mr.Amon.Nyesigye,Bsc.Software Engineering,Makarere University and head Engineer He brings a diverse experience in Software Engineering and he has designed a loan system with Uganda National Water and Sewerage Corporation(2016),a fitness application for Makerere University(Grouptek.wordpress.com) and Stark Stream,a vidoe streaming service(2014) 3.Mr.Marios.T,Bsc.Software Engineering,Makerere University and he is a software Engineer at Amonsoft Corp 4.Ms.Apofia.Aikiriza.Fiona,MSc.Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management-Makerere University.Apofia heads the Marketing and Business development department at MAMA and she brings alot of experience in handling start ups and small scale businesses.She has worked as a Lecturer at Makerere University Business School for the last 4 years.

Please tell us about other team members that are not cofounders.

Which members of your team will attend the program full-time?

1.Mr.Mukisa.Emmanuel 2.Aikiriza.Apofia.Fiona

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