Opportunity Area

How might we improve demand and access to essential maternal health medicines & supplies in Uganda??

The proposed title of your idea

Health Chat

Please describe your idea.

my idea is about sharing health problem by patients to the Health district head quarters getting information such supply of fake drugs

What problem does your idea solve in the market?

my idea solves problems such supply of expired drugs, get problem in patients and doctors complaints in health sectors it cover wide range of information sharing and also first Aid services.

Briefly explain how you identified the need or opportunity

through our research we found out villages are left behind in health facilities

Who are the beneficiaries of your solution and how will they benefit?

The beneficiaries are doctor,patients ,district health offices ,ministry and other individuals ,commenting the health problems medicines and infrastructure problems this well help in the sharing and giving medical help to the patients the online medical support

Why are you convinced your solution will solve the problem?

patients complaints will be used as survey to good treatment and drug supply problems ,online first Aid will help save life incase of lack of health person in the area and also prescriptions of doze to take

What other initiatives like yours exist out there? How will you differentiate your solution?

health sensitization different area through training first aid to save life ,ours is an online system which benefits to the remote areas and provides quick services

What have you done up-to date to test your idea with potential users? What learnings do you have to share?

in villages the poor access to health facilities, through this app can share information data help save lives in remote areas

How will you financially sustain your business?

through the Reward

Please share a link to a 3 minute online video that best describes your idea and team


Please tell us about each founder and their roles on the team. How do you know your founders and how long have you worked together?

brian kutosi graphic designer jamal omar research Anwar Omar Programmer

Please tell us about other team members that are not cofounders.

Which members of your team will attend the program full-time?

Jamal omar brian kutosi anwar omar

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