How might we improve the use of data in healthcare planning, monitoring and delivery?

What is the challenge about

The Healthcare Problem

Great efforts have been made by stakeholders in the area of sexual and reproductive health to improve healthcare planning and delivery using electronic medical record systems and data aggregation platforms. Digital data collection tools that include SMS, smartphone apps are also being utilized by various organizations.

However, given the advent of these tools, more opportunities still exist to further improve healthcare delivery using open data. Open data is any kind of data made available by a business, organization or individual that is freely available for the public to use, analyze and republish.

Open data can include among others a list of medical service providers, a list of approved pharmacists, the distribution of finances to health facilities, a list of public health facilities, or a list of fresh water points.

Open data can be leveraged to track health service delivery, or improve access to healthcare. It also presents an opportunity to track and measure progress towards the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We are looking for simple tools that leverage open data to improve healthcare delivery in Uganda.

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Potential Opportunity Areas for Solution:

Linking various health care systems to drive information exchange

Improving quality of patient care by leveraging data

Tools to improve decision making by complementing existing systems in health care;

Tools that leverage data to improve clinical and patient decision making

Predictive analysis of data to drive accurate forecasting during planning, reduce fraud, and improve performance monitoring

Unsure where to start? Use our Very Helpful Document to visualize your idea or our worksheet to determine what to prototype.